You’re so Golden

You’re so Golden

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93 x 75cm mixed media on Kraft paper with 24ct gold accents. Varnished. 

This piece is modelled on Kintsugi, hence the bold white colour, which reminds me of the fragility of porcelain. Kintsugi is the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with lacquer to bring it back together and gold to make it shine, as the journey should be celebrated- and in this case the woman deserves to shine.



She speaks to the woman who is learning to love herself again

The woman who has taken the journey

Walked through her shadow

Shattered into a thousand pieces

And rebuild herself piece by piece

And somewhere in the darkness the cracks turned to gold

And she became something more

She became embodied and saw a new beauty

One where she recognised the scars made her beautiful

And she chose to shine ✨

Heart & soul