About Ᾱnene

  • ānene is the creative home of bridget credland dey. bridget creates intuitive, original art in both textured oils and alcohol ink. some of her work is inspired by the world around her and some comes during meditation and then evolves on the paper or canvas.
  • bridget hails from the south island of new zealand, and though she has been living in london for nearly 20 years, she still considers new zealand home.
  • ānene means to breathe gently in māori. The māori people of new zealand have an intrinsic belief in an ancient spiritual and social code. This code is about reverence and respect for people, natural resources and the environment. This brand has been founded to attempt the same reverence and respect for those resources. 


about bridget

With 15 years international marketing experience it wasn't until after bridget had her second child that she realised her true passion was as a 'maker/creator', thanks to an HNC in Fine Art completing with distinction.

ānene started with the creation of clothing that celebrates the female form and empowers women to feel like the best version of themselves. 

In 2020 it changed into a creative hub for bridget’s art creation, which celebrates many different forms and has grown from there.