Girl on Fire

Girl on Fire

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100 x 63cm

Mixed Media on Canvas Board (sold unframed)

Original painting.

Girl on fire is an alchemical painting she was started during lockdown as a memory of freedom, dancing and joy. When she desired to become something else, I couldn’t see what it was yet.

At the end of 2023 thanks to my mentor Jess and a fabulous cohort of international artists including Chris who illustrated the power of recreating a painting it helped me unlock a little more of who she was to become, but it’s taken until early 2024 to feel like she’s standing in her full power.

Girl on Fire is all woman, a woman embodied, dancing like no one’s watching with a dress full of flames, and a heart full of desire. She is in her own truth, in her own power, reaching for more of herself and fanning the flame within. 

Signed by the Artist

©Bridget Credland Dey