10% of fashion profit to Place2Be, 10% of art sales value to Art Refuge

Why Mental Health

At Ānene we want to champion mental health as health minus the stigma
  • Adrienne, our founder's mother had mental health challenges all of her adult life
  • Whilst Bridget was a child there was a lot of stigma around mental health & it was frowned upon to talk about it at so finding support as individuals and as a family was pretty challenging

    Our Chosen Charity for 2019 is Place2Be

    Place2Be is a national charity providing emotional support to children in schools. We believe that prevention is better than cure and providing tools for the younger generation and their carers is paramount to improved understanding and better overall mental health for everyone. 

    At Ānene we will donate 10% of 2019 profits to Place2Be - registered charity numbers: 1040756 and SC038649

    Where we're going with our support of Mental Health 
    • On reflection we feel like mental health treatments of old were like putting a full body cast on a broken ankle – and people with the mental health challenges who were given some of the heavy almost sedating medications always struggled to feel like themselves
    • One of the things that was of most benefit for Adrienne in Bridget's mind was occupational therapy and the feeling of satisfaction she felt in creating something artistic be it a drawing, a painting or using her hands to craft ceramics. It was such a mindful process with the benefit of learning a new skill as well as learning and creating in a positive environment
    • Ānene want to support this style of environment and create these opportunities as part of their business model. As we grow, we intend to create learning opportunities and roles for people with these challenges within the business.